“My dad passed away today at the age of 93,” Dr. Oz posted on Instagram. “Dad changed everyone who met him. I remember as a child running behind his fast-moving legs while he made hospital rounds. Even as he aged and his legs no longer raced along, his mind never slowed down. I fell in love with medicine after witnessing my dad do sometimes painful procedures on desperately sick patients who subsequently thanked him for saving their lives.”

On Tuesday, the health and wellness expert returned home after burying his father. As a popular man in the health industry, Dr. Oz said he received an outpouring of condolences and kind thoughts.

Among them was a special something from celebrity chef Rachael Ray. A lot of special somethings, actually.

On social media, Dr. Oz thanked his friends, family and followers for their “expressions of sympathy,” including a beautifully organized spread of delicious food from Ray.


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